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The ClockDoc document archive is subdivided in three sections:

The bibliographies provide references to documentation on electric horology; some reference documents are available in the ClockDoc archive.
The maker specific documents may involve files in .jpg format (e.g. advertisements). These are generally not searchable.

Currently there are some 1200 documents in the archive of which some 80 are books.
All documens are as far as we could establish copyright free. Please let us know if any copyrights are infringed and we will take appropriate action.


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The search engine will only search the documents in the archive. For a search in the ClockDoc photo gallery you must use the search button in the albums screens (the icon top right).
Enter one or more keywords to search the archive.
Note that '*' and '?' wildcards are supported. For searching exact phrases enclose the words in double quotes. When you get too many results, use a more specific search term.

Al documents are downloadable. Once the downloaded document is open you can "hand search". With .pdf files type CTRL/F (on a Mac CMD-F).
Then a text box will open where you can enter keywords.
The bibliographies will only show references to documents; some may be available in the ClockDoc archive.